You have finally scheduled an appointment for some “me” time and the countdown is on for your appointment. Are you wanting to get the best out of your massage? Check out these 5 tips to insure that you do!

Drink water before and after. At Euphoria, therapists will remind you to flush toxins after your massage, but it’s equally important to hydrate before climbing on the table. That’s because the pressure from your therapist hands pushes lactic acid out of your muscle tissue and into your bloodstream, where it circulates throughout your body. Without water, your blood flow is sluggish and stagnated and might not process these toxins effectively.

Talk to your massage therapist. Tell us your concerns and express needs and expectations before you start. Note problem areas, such as a bad back, trick knee or the knotted shoulders caused by computer work. On the form highlight specific areas you would like the therapist to concentrate. Share more specifies during the oral consultation.

Don’t be bashful. Our certified massage therapists are trained in sheet-draping techniques that will ensure your modesty is protected at all times. The therapist will leave the room while you slide under the sheets. Don’t waste energy worrying about what the therapist will think of your body, they are licensed and trained on professional decorum.

 Stop thinking. This might be the hardest part of relaxing into a massage. Use rhythmic breathing to prepare your body and brain. On the inhale, gather all your thoughts and release tensions and negativity into a gray smoke and expel it out of your body. Then reverse the process, filling your body with pure air.

Relax your body. Don’t engage your muscles to help the therapist maneuver a part of your body. This doesn’t really help because it just tenses your muscles and makes the therapist’s work harder. Your therapist will give you direction to ensure a proper technique.

With the help of these 5 tips you will be ready to enjoy your day and walk out refreshed and recharged, if you have questions or concerns please Contact Us!