Summer is here and it just hit that you are way overdue for a “treat yourself” day. When was the last time you took time for yourself, and no we aren’t talking about the three scoops of ice cream you had last night. An actual day where you feel relaxed and feel rejuvenated when it’s all said and done. You might be thinking of a week long beach trip, enjoying the nice weather with your toes in the sand. But why go that far and spend more money than you have to? What you need is more of a “day” vacation! The time has come for you to schedule an appointment at Euphoria Spa and Wellness Center to kick off summer with a day to yourself.

With summer here, we want you to look your best at the pool, barbecues, and even those nights out on the town. Our Back and Bikini Facials are specialized treatments that incorporate the same elements as our corrective facials above, but with a focus on these harder-to-reach areas. Both are especially popular during warm weather, swimsuit season or pre-vacation.  Or maybe the time has come to get rid of those annoying lines under your eyes. Our Modified & Enhanced Jessner’s peels softens the appearance of fine lines around the eyes & nose; promotes a clear complexion, smooth texture & even skin tone.  Especially beneficial for oily skin.  Formulations may be blended with additional ingredients to enhance your results. Another summer favorite of our is the Oxygenating Trio which is a  3-step process using a formulation which contains antioxidants & enzymes that leave the skin smooth, purified & glowing. Don’t let summer’s busy schedule distract you from having your day vacation, call today and schedule your relaxing getaway!