We live in a world where stress, illness, and disease are taking increasing tolls on our bodies, leaving us anxious, exhausted, and unwell. Instead of taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves and tend to our physical and emotional needs, we push the importance of our well-being aside in order to keep up with work, school, family, kids, etc. Haven’t we learned from experience that we have breaking points? Unless we start taking care of ourselves, we can’t achieve our full potentials in life. The healing hands of massage therapy can reduce stress, prevent illness, and relieve depression and anxiety.


Massages can reduce stress by a number of different techniques. Overall, the physiological benefits to your body positively impact your emotions as well. After a massage, you feel relaxed because your heart rate and blood pressure have been reduced. You feel rejuvenated because your blood circulation has increased. Your mood has significantly improved, because endorphins have been released.


Because massage improves the functions of the body, getting sick won’t be as much of an issue. When you’re stressed, your immune and digestive systems don’t work as well because your body suppresses them. Massage causes you to relax naturally, effectively “turning on” those systems again. As a result, your immune system begins to function normally, doing its job by fighting off colds, flues, and immune diseases.

Depression & Anxiety

A 60 minute massage lowers cortisol (a stress induced hormone), and in response, increases serotonin levels. By raising serotonin levels, you’re boosting your body’s ability to fight off pain, anxiety and feelings of sadness. For people struggling with depression and anxiety, massage leaves them with a sense of self-worth and confidence.

Let your body and mind free with massage therapy. Allow the healing hands of your masseuse to massage away stress, illness, and depression and anxiety so you can connect back with the YOU that was lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Reach your full potential while feeling restored and balanced.